Origin Story

This venture into natural hair and skin care products began as an urge to find the perfect complement of oils, moisturises and treatments for my hair and skin.

With few options available in the South African market, Kafui Naturals is a gift to those searching for chemical free hair and body products.

The range encourages a holistic and gentle solution to body care, by using ingredients that do not contain, preservatives and colourants. Sourced from the African continent, products are both safe and friendly to humans, animals and the planet.

As a Yoga teacher practising for over 10 years I am on a mission to inspire and encourage everyone to adopt a holistic and natural lifestyle.

About Kafui

Born to Ghanaian parents from the Ewe tribe, I come from a long line of healers and herbalists. 

Inspired by my grandmother and the abundant natural resources of Ghana and the African continent, I started creating a range of products for myself. What started as a necessity has turned into a business. 

I am passionate about healing –  inside out or outside in. I believe humanity has lost a fundamental part of its identity – it’s connection to the earth and all that is within it.

My aim is for everyone on the African continent and beyond to redifine their own standards of beauty through using the powerful healing resources our ancestors used and bring those ideals forth into the 21st century. .